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The Structure of Power – an Insight into the Russian Ministry of Defence.

The Structure of Power – an Insight into the Russian Ministry of Defence. Beställ tryckt exemplar Lägg i kundvagnen Ladda ned som PDF
Författare: Märta Carlsson
Ort: Stockholm
Sidor: 62
Utgivningsår: 2012
Publiceringsdatum: 2012-12-12
Rapportnummer: (FOI-R--3571--SE)
Keywords Russia, Ministry of Defence, General Staff, Serdiukov, Putin, Armed Forces, reform, procurement, corruption
Abstract During his tenure as Russian Minister of Defence (2007-2012) Anatolii Serdiukov initiated reform and rearmament of the Armed Forces. The conditions for his achieving this were however far from ideal: the ministry lacked a sound financial system and corruption was widespread in the organization, including in the vital procurement area. There was, moreover, strong opposition to reform in the General Staff. In order to succeed with his mission Serdiukov had to establish a structure which could control the defence budget and the financial resources tied to the rearmament programme, and an organization which would implement his decisions. Serdiukov attempted to accomplish this in several ways. He changed the personnel policies so that senior officers who opposed reform could be replaced. He put people he trusted in key positions and increased the proportion of civilians in the workforce of the ministry. In order to control the defence budget and the rearmament programme Serdiukov restructured the ministry's financial organs and formed new departments in the procurement area under himself and his deputy outside the General Staff. He tried to reduce corruption by transferring departments and responsibilities from the General Staff and creating new departments in the part of the ministry that was outside the General Staff. As a result, Serdiukov probably improved his control and the functioning of the organization. In the process he strengthened his position at the expense of the General Staff. Corruption, however, continued to be prevalent in the Ministry of Defence. Besides defining the legacy of Serdiukov as Minister of Defence, this report also gives a unique insight in the structure of the Russian Ministry of Defence, its departments and their tasks.


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