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Morphological Analysis in Groups: A Personal Guide.

 Morphological Analysis in Groups: A Personal Guide. Beställ tryckt exemplar Lägg i kundvagnen Ladda ned som PDF
Författare: Maria Stenström
Ort: Stockholm
Sidor: 85
Utgivningsår: 2013
Publiceringsdatum: 2013-06-10
Rapportnummer: (FOI-R--3678--SE)
Keywords morphological analysis, morphological model, facilitation, problem, structuring, problem formulation, Fritz Zwicky, meta model, scenario, operational, analysis.
Abstract Morphological analysis is a method for formulating, structuring and studying com-­- plex problems. This report is a personal guide to morphological analysis as a method for working with groups of experts. I describe what morphological analysis is good for and what morphological analysis is. I give a brief theoretical presenta-­- tion of the morphological process and the morphological model. Furthermore, I have formulated my own experiences of morphological analysis in practice. It deals with how work groups can be supported through facilitation, how to create good morphological models and model hierarchies as well as what type of aid is required. There are also examples of different types of models and an example that illustrates how morphological analysis can unfold in reality.


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