Government Offices of Sweden

The tasks assigned to FOI by the Government Offices of Sweden include support and the build-up of a knowledge base in the area of CBRN as well as security policy studies and other policy analysis. This work is funded primarily through government appropriations but FOI also receives particular assignments.

Government office building

The government appropriations cover four specific areas of work, three for the Ministry of Defence and one for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Research to meet government needs

FOI is to support the formation of Swedish security and defence policy through the conduct of qualitative and relevant activities in support of the work of the Government.

CBRN research  

FOI, within the framework of an overall view of the CBRN field, conducts research concerning protection from, and the threats from, CBR substances and nuclear weapons.  We have to ensure that our fundamental competence and capability is maintained in the longer term in order to enable us to carry out independent assessments of threats and risks in the CBRN area as well as identifying any changes in these threats and risks at an early stage.

International activities

This appropriation funds international activities in the area of defence materiel and associated research activities.

Support concerning CBRN with regard to disarmament and non-proliferation questions

FOI is to assist the Ministry for Foreign Affairs with technical expertise in questions regarding weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems while also contributing to the fulfilment of Sweden’s international obligations in this area.


Last updated: 2021-08-02