SEMARK, multipla sensorer för markspaning, Slutrapport etapp 1


  • Grahn Per
  • Svensson Lage
  • Ahlberg Simon
  • Ahlberg Jörgen
  • Chevalier Tomas
  • Follo Peter
  • Forsgren Robert
  • Haapalahti Gustav
  • Karlsson Mikael
  • Näsström Fredrik
  • Ulvklo Morgan
  • Habberstad Hans

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--2163--SE

Pages: 68

Written in: Swedish


The SEMARK research project study surveillance of targets on the ground with the use of a multi sensor approach. We are using sensor and simulation resources developed by other projects at FOI. This work is based on three parts: The development of the concept, development of a common simulation environment and measurements with research type sensors. A simulator containing accurate models of sensors, targets, terrain and so on have been developed with the goal that comparisons should be possible between different sensor types. To calibrate the models we have conducted several measurement field campaigns against common ground scenarios, where we have been using different airborne SAR systems (VHF, UHF and microwave) as well as airborne EO/IR-systems, ground mounted laser radar systems and acoustic sensors. No single sensor system can fulfil all kinds of information requests during a ground surveillance operation. Together, working as a system, they can fulfil demanding requirements from the user. Our concept, which will be further developed, can be used in further studies and in future ground surveillance systems.

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