Information systems, subproject within the ANTI-SUBMARINE project - final report


  • Bergsten Ulla
  • Fransson Jörgen
  • Hedin Carl-Eric
  • Lindgren Tomas
  • Marmolin Hans
  • Schubert Johan
  • Stjernberg Magnus
  • Svensson Per
  • Toller Eva
  • Wellving Anders
  • Orhaug Torleiv

Publish date: 1990-08-03

Report number: FOA A 20046-8.1,2.7

Pages: 25

Written in: Swedish


Within the scope of the three-year ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE project of the National Defence Research Establishment, the subproject Information Systems has developed methods for handling and analysis of intelligence reports concerning foreign underwater activities wich could be used in future decision support systems.