Data analysis and data fusion for intelligence analysis and decision support. Research plan 1993-2000


  • Svensson Per
  • Schubert Johan

Publish date: 1993-08-05

Report number: FOA A 20054-2.7

Pages: 42

Written in: Swedish


This report is a research plan 1993-2000 for a research group active in the field of intelligence analysis and decision support. The research of the group concerns the development of methodoloigies for data analysis, in particular spatial analysis, and data fusion, among other things with the aid of Dempster-Shafer´s theory of evidence, for applications within these fields. The group has also been active in the field of advanced graphic interaction. This report mainly addresses scientists and engineers with an interest in data analysis and data fusion. We intend to put together a second report containing project proposals viewed from an application view point.