User's guide to GRODA. A graphic utility for CANTOR


  • Rozen Ulf
  • Neider Göran
  • Nilsson Marjorie
  • Righard Bengt
  • Svensson Per
  • Stjernberg Magnus

Publish date: 1989-11-24

Report number: FOA C 20767-2.7

Pages: 71

Written in: English


This is a user´s manual for Groda, a graphic output utility for Cantor. Cantor is a relational data base system, developed at FOA. Groda has several ways for graphic presentation, including scatter plots, bar charts and maps. A lot of attributes are available: line styles, colors, markers etc. Two editors (plotting,environment) provide the user with a flexible means for working out a good choice for a parameter description. This can be stored in the systems data base and edited later. Groda should be easily ported to other systems, since it is written in Pascal and uses a very simple basic graphics module (Elfin). At present there are versions for Apollo and VAX computers.