A System Concept for Montoring Status of Individuals


  • Fredrik Lantz
  • Dennis Andersson
  • Robert Forsgren
  • Erland Jungert
  • Britta Levin

Publish date: 2009-01-08

Report number: FOI-R--2648--SE

Pages: 58

Written in: Swedish


  • Physiological status
  • mental status
  • status of individuals
  • WBAN
  • decision
  • support
  • datafusion
  • monitoring.


This report is the result of the first year of the FoT-project Time-/Resource Critical Command and Control with Monitoring of Status of Individuals (TRIS). The purpose of the project is to determine the possibility of developing a system concept for a decision support system for monitoring status of individuals. The monitoring will be done by collection of physiological information and different forms of context information. The system will collect, compute, fuse and visualize this information to support the decision makers' decision process. The project will contribute to the development of a test- and demonstration system in cooperation with other organizations. Examples of typical users of the system are commanders in military and civil emergency management. The military application of the system is concerned with the monitoring of status of soldiers before, during and after missions. A military commander shall be able to assess if the task is conducted according to plan with respect to the soldiers physical and psychological load, movement velocity, injury status, etc. Automatic alarms shall relieve the user from the continuous monitoring task. The ambition of TRIS is that the system concept shall be generic and allow for sensors and other system components to be replaced when better components are available. The system shall be adaptable to different user roles and the information collection shall be adaptable to the users needs.