Framtida ledningscentraler - delrapport 1, omvärldsanalys. Vetenskapliga bidrag under perioden 2005-2011


  • Jiri Trnka
  • Mats Persson
  • Pontus Hörling
  • Staffan Nählinder
  • Henrik Artman

Publish date: 2011-04-18

Report number: FOI-R--3184--SE

Pages: 70

Written in: Swedish


  • Review of contemporary research
  • literature survey
  • command and control systems centres


This report is a review of contemporary research on command and control centers. The aim of the report is to map and analyze scientific contributions in the domain published in the period 2005-2011. The report reviews the most important journal articles in the domain focusing on command and control centres, including the military domain, emergency and crisis management, traffic control for air and railway transport systems, as well as process control (for instance nuclear power plants). The report also focuses on the different research areas that are central to command and control centres such as situation awareness, teamwork, distributed decision making, computer supported collaborative work, and decision-support systems. The report summarizes the development in the domain, as well as identifies current research trends. The report also contains a compilation of abstracts from the referred journal articles.

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