Five ways to leverage enterprise models


  • Vahid Mojtahed
  • Mika Cohen
  • Daniel Oskarsson
  • Björn Pelzer
  • Peter Hammar

Publish date: 2015-12-04

Report number: FOI-R--4153--SE

Pages: 19

Written in: Swedish


  • capability development
  • business modelling
  • modelling and simulation
  • question-answering systems
  • interactive interfaces
  • compliance checking


Development activities within the Swedish Armed Forces are undergoing a change, whereby enterprise modelling is being tried as a method to support the planning of future defence capabilities. The models thereby created describe overall defence enterprise structure in terms of military units, equipment, tasks, abilities, etc., and how they fit together. The current aim of this approach is mainly to deliver traceability and consistent data management, whereas the broad range of opportunities for analysis entailed by enterprise modelling remains untapped. This report introduces five concrete examples of ways to extract added value from existing enterprise models by leveraging potentials for analysis: to quickly find relevant information in large, complex enterprise models; to visually interact with the models; to be able to automatically perform comparative evaluations of alternative force structures; by simulation to be able to explore the consequences of complex business processes and structures; and finally, to efficiently be able to check that the defence planning conforms to a set of business rules